What is Kendama?

     Kendama is the ultimate form of the traditional ball and cup game. Originating in Japan, Kendama has captivated the world with its simple design and endless freestyle trick possibilities. In an age where electronic entertainment is dominant, Kendama offers hours of authentic hands on fun, and can truly be taken anywhere. Once you have it in your hands, good luck putting it down!

     With no moving parts, Kendama is deceptively simple at first glance. The simplicity makes it enjoyable for the beginner and also gives it its infinite playability.

          Kendama is addictively entertaining both alone and with groups of people. Make it a talking piece at your next social gathering, or give it as an excellent gift. Practicing with one will improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, you will be impressed! Find out for yourself why Kendama is rapidly rising in popularity among playful people all over the world!
Kendama!A Red Sunrise 1.0 Kendama

Kendama Tricks
See it in action Check out the official Kendama Co. page for videos and edits.